The following are sites that I personally subscribe to, and highly recommend. 
I encourage you, dear viewer, to check them out. They are all worth a look!

Fallen From Grace, by Bruce Grencser.                                                         
Bruce was an evangelical pastor for 25 years, and then left
the faith and is now a well-spoken and thoughtful atheist who
is a joy to read.

Justin Vacula's Blog, by Justin Vacula
Justin writes for, among other things, and maintains
this blog with insightful articles about atheism, philosophy, and

Monicks Unleashed ~ Thinking Critically by Monica Monicks
Monica writes a interesting and thought-provoking blog that is
frequently updated. You can also follow her on Twitter or

The Answers by Grizwald Grim
My most frequent collaborator and most favored sparring-
partner, Griz maintains a very interesting blog covering a wide
variety of philosophical topics

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