About The Thinker

I am Robert Fischer; nothing more, nothing less; and I am kind-of a misanthrope. I may be paranoid, but I’m no android.

I’m a libertarian, insofar as I think that individual liberties and personal freedoms ought to be respected by our government, and that our government should be so small that it risks blinking out of existence.
I’m a pacifist and noninterventionist, insofar as I think that our relations with all nations should be equal, fair, and peaceble. Our military should be used only in self-defense, and never pre-emptively. We should seek open and unrestricted trade with all peoples, and mind our own business when it comes to foreign affairs.
I’m not good looking, and I have a mediocre body. My athletic abilities are on the low side of average, and I’m not very suave. One gift that I do posses is a fine tuned intellect- next time you wonder why I don’t get drunk and why I’d rather read a book than lift weights, keep that in mind. Play to your strengths.
Some people say I’m cynical. Cynical? True, true, that’s part of my fascination. I do hateful things for which people love me, and I do lovable things for which they hate me. I’m admired for my detestability. Now don’t worry; I may be rancid butter, but I’m on your side of the bread.
Don’t mistake my innocence for ignorance; don’t mistake my purity for inexperience; don’t mistake my humility for weakness.
I am sardonic, wry, and sarcastic. I tend to see the glass as neither half empty nor half full, simply twice as big as it needs to be.
I find that the more you know, the less you know. The more you’ve seen, the more that remains to be discovered. This drives my lifelong quest to learn.
I have found that skepticism acts both as a searchlight for truth by whittling away that which is false, but also as a blanket within which one can find comfort from the bewildering onslaught of balderdash that one is often bombarded with.
I’m a bitter realist, a cantankerous prognosticator, and generally not optimistic. I am usually revolted when I see eager-beavers bouncing around vomiting sunshine all over the place.
I enjoy a good slice of pizza, a good beer, and good company.
I love to be active and enjoy the land that will forever be my home… Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas.
I have some of the best friends that anybody could ever hope for. I have had some of the best times that anyone could ever expect to have.
I am not religious or spiritual, but I don’t have all the answers, either.
I am not mean or spiteful, but I have high standards and don’t waste time on people or things that do not meet them.

I’m not wanton or wasteful, but I enjoy a good time and I’m willing to spend a little extra in time or money to get it.
I have people in my life that blow me away daily, and from them I can learn all I’ll ever need to know.
More than all of this, I am a man on the road more than I am home, a traveler through the universe who has been lucky enough to meet a few people headed the same direction.
I have learned lately that the first person that you should count on is yourself. The direct repository of your hopes, dreams, and trust should be yourself, and not anybody else. You are the only person you can come close to having any control over, and therefore putting so much in other people’s baskets is irresponsible and idiotic.
I am the king of bad puns, lame jokes, shaggy-dog stories, and feghoots. Nobody can tell a funnier unfunny joke than I can… for the brave only: ask me to tell ‘The Pink Joke.’

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